Eat Your Greens, Toronto

Reducing your ecological footprint doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.  Eating healthy and responsibly can be divinely delicious, with the added satisfaction of knowing you are not contributing to the ecological and social malpractices of meat production.

Toronto is quickly becoming a vegetarian-friendly city.  Many places now offer both meat and vegetarian options, and many make sure that those vegetarian options contain a healthy mix of protein, veggies, and carbs, instead of simply offering a meatless pasta or a salad.  The following are some fantastic places to eat Green in Toronto:

Fresh Restaurant

gallery_bloor_aniceeveningFresh has locations on Bloor, Crawford, and Spadina.

This place makes the best sweet potato fries you will ever taste, and the dipping sauces to go with them are all scrumptous.  They have big salads, wraps, burgers, and fresh bowls — all with options of tofu, tempeh or other high protein toppers.  Try the BBQ burger and you will be hooked.


Live Organic Food Bar


Live Organic Food Bar is located at Dupont and Spadina.

Live has an incredible mix of raw and cooked vegan organic meals.  The dishes are all gourmet quality and, again, are protein-rich and balanced meals.  The ‘Raw Combo’ is fantastic, as are the appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and hot bowls.  This is the place to try some interesting and innovative vegetarian cuisine.



2011127-disgracelandDisgraceland is on Bloor Street by Ossington –an awesome Bloorcourt diner.

This place has all the typical diner food, but offers it all in both meat and vegan options!  Vegan poutines, burgers, hot dogs, mains, salads and appetizers; comfort food, vegan style.  They even have vegan ribs on the menu.  The fries are especially fantastic, and every vegan option is made with tofu or tempeh for healthy levels of protein.  They have a great selection of drinks (try the sangria!), great music, and board games for your enjoyment as well.


Fressen Restaurant

fressenFressen is on Queen West between Spadina and Bathurst.

Fressen, like Live, also has some interesting and delectable vegan cuisine.  They have fantastic, creative appetizers and tapas to start, followed by wonderful and well-balanced mains.  The grilled tofu kebabs are especially delicious.  This is a must-try for vegetarian eating in the city.


Savera Indian Cuisine

Some of the best vegetarian food comes from India, and Savera is quite possibly the best Indian restaurant in Toronto.

Restaurant-18626-Savera-Indian-Cousin-9394Savera is on St. Clair by Oakwood.

The palak paneer, aloo gobi, mattar paneer, baingan bharta, and veggie curry and korma are all to die for.  Come to think of it, there isn’t a single dish on the menu that isn’t delicious.  You will love being vegetarian at this restaurant.


Some other great Indian places are Trimutri:, and Little India: Both are on Queen Street West of University.


These are some other amazing restaurants that offer both meat and vegetarian options that contain tofu/tempeh or high-protein substitutes:

Utopia Cafe:



Nazareth Ethiopian:

Red Room and Green Room: and

Ghazale Middle Eastern and Vegetarian Foods:

Any Thai or Chinese place.


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