Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra will engage and stir even the most skeptical mind.   Chopra tells the riveting story of a young prince’s tumultuous journey towards enlightenment.  Abandoning his palace, the prince becomes a wandering monk, facing his demons and attempting to conquer his body and mind.  The book  is exciting –ful of love, sex, murder, struggle– but is also terribly thought-provoking.  We’re taken into the mind of prince Siddhartha as he learns about the world outside the palace walls, and as he begins to think about and understand the nature of life differently.


The transformation of Siddhartha’s character through life experiences that make him rethink what it means to be noble, courageous, and selfless will leave you questioning your own convictions.  The book also probes deep questions about what is the ‘self’ and what is the nature of the material world.  It is a great entry into some incredibly important philosophies, and will fascinate and inspire you to reexamine what you thought you knew about yourself and life itself.


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