Conserving Your Inner Nature

Buddhism is not selective; it is not a typical religion.  It’s not about converting or not converting to Buddhism, but rather what can you take and learn from Buddhist thought? How can your life be improved by any aspect of Buddhist philosophy or practice? If you benefit in any way from conducting yourself in line with Buddhist ideology, that is Buddhism.


Conserving nature is intimately linked with Buddhism, as Nature is everything and from where the laws of life emerge.  Buddhism teaches us that it is of utmost importance to balance and conserve our inner natures; our hearts and minds.  If we can consider ourselves as nothing more than a part of a larger system –the system of Nature– we can understand the necessity of treating every part of that system as if it were our very selves.  We can respect and protect everything and everyone around us as if we were inseparably connected.

In such a mind-state, it is impossible for selfishness or egoism to arise.  There is no “I”, and there is no “mine”.  Personal possessions and stubborn pride are no objects.  Instead, there is an “ours”‘; an “everything”.  If there is no selfishness, there is nothing that will destroy, abuse or exploit nature, because there is no reason to.  If anything, there is reason to care for and help nature to flourish.  There is also no reason to exploit or abuse fellow human beings, only to care for and protect their rights to happy lives.


As a society, we need to slow down and reflect on how we understand our place in the world.  If we are egoistic individuals living separate lives, there is nothing to stop us from exploiting and competing with others to further our own best interests.  Too often, furthering individual interests comes at the cost of a greater, collective good.  If we are all the same, however –if we are all Nature— then we can start building a socially and ecologically just world.


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