Solar Power can be Cheaper than Coal?

Let’s face it, why are our governments (and the voters they answer to) continuing to push for dirty energy at a time when it is known that a 2ºC increase in global temperatures would drastically change the world as we know it?   Money.  Coal and fossil fuels have been the cheap energy source we’ve been exploiting since the Industrial Revolution, and a lot of powerful people have vested interests in painting clean energy alternatives as either implausible or too expensive.  Well, enough is enough!


CleanTechnica has revolutionized solar panel technology.  Their V3Solar Spin Cells are conical in shape, and are therefore able to absorb the sun’s rays through the full course of its arc through the sky.  As well, solar panels are more efficient if the light is concentrated by a lens before hitting the panel, but this typically requires heat, which means panels need to be made with more expensive heat-resistant materials.  V3Solar Spin Cells, as the name suggests, spin to keep the panels cool while the light is concentrated through a cheap silicon PV.

Here’s a short video that explains how they work:

The average cost of electricity in the US is 12¢/kwH, and through solar PV it is 10-15¢/kwH.  The V3Solar Spin Cells, however, produce energy for only 8¢/kwH, which is “two-thirds the price of retail electricity, and nearly half the price of current solar technology.”  That is astounding!  If this is true, then solar will finally become more economically rational than dirty energy.  At last, all of those people who don’t care enough about burning up the planet to give up on cost-effective coal can come over to the green side and invest in a renewable, liveable tomorrow.


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2 Comments on “Solar Power can be Cheaper than Coal?”

  1. andhastings January 27, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    Very cool, and very exciting. I hope they can get these out to market soon.

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