Recycled Garbage Homes in Bolivia

In some of the poorest areas in Bolivia, one incredible woman, Ingrid Vasca Diez, has made it her mission to help in the best way she can. She has been collecting recyclable bottles, that were otherwise not going to be recycled, and using them to build large, sound and visually striking homes for the poor. The bottles are filled with dirt to form the ‘bricks’ for these homes.




Ingrid is a self-taught home builder, designing each home herself from scratch. She helps rural, often indigenous migrant families who are living in sub-standard conditions, and chooses her projects based on greatest need.




Ingrid’s project is amazingly creative, inspiring, and incredibly commendable given the deplorable conditions in which many people around her are forced to live. While work like hers inspires optimism about the good and generous nature of people –and shows us what can be done if we collaborate rather than allow ourselves to be divided and face problems individually– it also points to the massive failings of our current political-economic system that makes projects like hers necessary at all. The widening gap between rich and poor, and reducing society to individualized self-interested economic actors threatens the security of the majority of peoples around the world. Let us not leave the work to individuals with kind, imaginative and dedicated hearts (like Ingrid) to ease the suffering of people around us. We have to seriously look at the roots of these problems, and start redistributing power and wealth in society in a way that would allow poorer people to actually dictate the terms of their own development.



As we work towards that goal, however, innovative charitable actions like those of Ingrid Vasca Diez should be encouraged and applauded. The following video from Al Jazeera follows Ingrid on her mission:


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2 Comments on “Recycled Garbage Homes in Bolivia”

  1. wanbricwanbrac February 11, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

    amazing 🙂

  2. andhastings February 11, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    Great story! I love this “kill two birds with one stone” approach.

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