30 Delicious Vegan Meals You Can Make In Under 30 Minutes!

As proof that plants-based diets are in no way a sacrifice of taste, or a drain on your time to plan and prepare, this site lists 30 wonderful vegan options that are super simple to make: 30 Delicious Vegan Meals You Can Make in Under 30 Minutes

enhanced-buzz-12937-1352219798-1enhanced-buzz-24751-1352219750-1enhanced-buzz-30255-1351025539-2  Vegan or vegetarian diets are not only fabulously healthy for your heart, but they can help to reverse the effects of diseases like diabetes and some cancers (see Whole Foods, Plant-Based Cures).  Going veg is also extremely important in terms of environmental and social sustainability –the UN has stated that a global shift to vegetarian/vegan diets is a necessary step to combat climate change and issues of global hunger.  More information on social and environmental benefits of plants-based diets can be found here (Fresh Foods) and here (“What we don’t want to know about chicken and fish”).  In sum, there are innumerable positives about switching to a vegetarian diet, but many people resist because, among other reasons, people believe vegetarianism or veganism is simply too difficult to do, or that veggie meals will be less satisfying.  If people can be made aware of the importance of reducing meat consumption, and can also be shown that vegetarianism can be deliciously healthy and simple, then as a society we can start to take important steps towards a healthier and more environmentally friendly global food culture.  Try these easy, yummy recipes and see for yourselves!



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