Liberals, NDP and Green Party Co-operate to Bring Down Harper

LeadNow Canada is working with members of the Liberal, NDP and Green Party to campaign for co-operation among these parties in order to oust the undemocratic Conservative Party.  The Harper government has been able to ram through omnibus budget bills that cut environmental protection, attacked First Nations treaty rights, and are meant to expedite the construction of the disastrous Keystone XL and the sale of our land and resources to foreign buyers.  They were able to do this since they held the majority, and unfortunately they still have the 5-10% lead in the polls they need to win another majority government through our broken electoral system.


Naomi Klein‘s Statement on the Cooperation Campaign:

“Political parties have a really bad habit of putting their own narrow interests before the broader needs of the people whose votes they seek. Opposition parties ruthlessly pursue their one true goal of maximizing their number of seats, regardless of whether their tactics land us with yet another minority-elected Tory majority. This time, we just can’t let them do it.

There are countless reasons for us to unite to get the Tories out of power in 2015 but for me there is one issue that burns brightest: climate change. Climate scientists have told us unequivocally that we are now in ‘decade zero’: we have until 2020 to begin the process of dramatically lowering our emissions or we will have virtually locked ourselves into a future of climate chaos.

If the Tories win the next federal election, they will be the ones at Canada’s helm during this critical period for humanity. We have to cooperate to stop that from happening. With or without the official cooperation of the opposition parties.”

Tar Pit #3

Tar sands development, supported by Harper Government

Below is the LeadNow campaign link for Canadians to sign up and vote for a Liberal candidate who will support co-operation, and join with the NDP and Green parties to ensure the Conservatives aren’t able to ram any more damaging legislation through our system:

The Liberal Party is choosing their next leader and they’ve invited all Canadians to sign up and vote for free. Right now, there’s one strong pro-cooperation candidate in the campaign, Joyce Murray, and everyone is watching to see if Canadians will stand up to support her and any other candidate who supports cooperation.

If enough of us vote to support cooperation in the Liberal leadership race, we could change the future of this country. There’s just one catch – the deadline to sign up to vote in the Liberal Leadership race is coming fast – it’s this Sunday, March 3rd.

Click here to join our campaign for cooperation, and sign up to vote in the Liberal leadership race.


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