Canadians: Save Kevin Page, Our Federal Budget Watchdog

The following information is from a LeadNow campaign to stop the Harper government in their plans to push through yet another secretive and detrimental bill.  The Idle No More movement has been valiantly fighting the extremely detrimental legislation, Bills C-45 and C-48, and now we must all truly stand up against Harper’s violently neoliberal economic planning.  Slowly but surely, ‘free market’ idealism and corporate-government partnerships will dismantle all Canadian social and environmental protective measures:


The Harper Conservatives are just about to release another secretive budget bill with deep cuts to services Canadians rely on.

The cuts, which come on the heels of a wave of spending scandals, are going to be unpopular, so they’re silencing the only man who has consistently exposed this government’s fiscal mismanagement.1,2

Kevin Page, Canada’s federal budget watchdog, is the man who showed Canadians that this government’s plan to buy F-35 fighter jets would cost $29 billion – not the $9 billion Canadians were promised.3 So now, just as Harper is trying to rush another secretive budget through Parliament, he’s replacing Kevin Page and quietly destroying the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO).

Prime Minister Harper’s power depends on Canadians believing that he’s a good economic manager. Harper has the ability to extend Page’s term so he can oversee this budget, and Page is willing to serve.4,5 If thousands of us speak out right now, we can force Harper to extend Kevin Page’s term, or risk proving to Canadians that his economic management cannot stand up to strong independent scrutiny.

Send a message to Prime Minister Harper and your MP now telling them: Don’t destroy our federal budget watchdog! Extend Kevin Page’s term and strengthen our Parliamentary Budget Office.

Sign here! –>


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