Heliport Recycled into Super-Green Workspace in Mexico City

This super-green workspace in Mexico City is a perfect example of how we should be reusing existing industrial space in more environmentally friendly ways, instead of tearing it down and rebuilding.  This remarkable building was reworked from an old, unused heliport.


Mexico City firms Rojkind Arquitectos and AGENT, with help from Coca-Cola, recycled the metal structure to cut down on unnecessary costs and waste, and added some interesting green elements as well.  There is vegetation growing throughout as well as a green roof, covered in local vegetation and watered through a rainwater catch system.  Natural light streams in from the inset roof to light up the workstations, and the few LED lights that are used draw power from solar panels on the roof.  The space also boasts incredible views of the city and the gardens, creating a very pleasant and relaxing work environment.




Renewal of old urban and suburban structures into more low-impact, sustainable and forward-thinking architectural designs is incredibly important for producing more sustainable cities.  Currently, we build structures that block out natural elements –sun, air, etc.– and then burn through electricity trying to provide those things artificially.  Furthermore, urban sprawl is a real problem, forcing people to burn through fossil fuels in transportation to and from their office, shops, doctors, etc.  More livable, walkable, and lower-energy cities can be created by simply recycling and reusing the structures we’ve already built in new and innovative ways.  Well done, Mexico City!


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3 Comments on “Heliport Recycled into Super-Green Workspace in Mexico City”

  1. andhastings March 22, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Absolutely beautiful! I appreciate all of the green touches, and even if the employees don’t, I’m sure they appreciate the amount of natural light coming in. That makes a huge difference when you’re stuck in an office.

    • utopiandreaming March 22, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

      It does. That rooftop garden area is so beautiful! More architecture firms should be incorporating natural elements into design.

  2. Birds&theBees March 26, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Reblogged this on Birds & the Bees Original Canadian Artwork and commented:
    Re-purposing an old building is a dream of mine, I’d love to renovate an old building downtown Hamilton, Ontario (my hometown) and convert it into a massive green house!

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