Join The “I ♥ ARCTIC” Movement April 20

Greenpeace is organizing a global mobilization in cities around the world –“from Buenos Aires to Bangkok and from Berlin to Bangalore”.  On April 20th, thousands of people will come together and display banners and iconic images that call on our leaders to end environmentally destructive activities like drilling for oil.  People will create human banners that spell out “I ♥ Arctic” and urge people to take notice of the fact that what happens to the Arctic environment affects the entire world and consequently all of us.


Visit this site for more information, pictures, and to register or organize an event for your area:

Let’s face it: corporate lobbying in North America has grown so much it could eclipse the sun.  Without capital to lobby our leaders with, citizens and the votes we cast are becoming less and less politically powerful.   In the face of the state’s short-sighted economic imperatives to seize, extract, and burn up Arctic resources, we need a very strong showing of people publicly opposing these moves if we are going to reclaim power over the decisions that our governments make.  Climate change and oil prospecting are decimating the Arctic, which will likely bring us over the ‘runaway train’ tipping point of climate change and will radically change the world as we know it.  It would be a crime to let this environment and these beautiful animals die only to aggravate the socio-environmental crises of climate change (and to make a few oil tycoons even richer).  Join, speak up, and make a difference!


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