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Two Tar Sands Bitumen Spills in One Week

Originally posted on The Green Word:
As President Obama continues to ponder the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline (I’m sure it’s keeping him up at night!), this past week saw two significant spills of Alberta Tar Sands oil in the US. The first spill occurred on Wednesday, March 27th.   Fourteen cars (of a 94-car…

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Join The “I ♥ ARCTIC” Movement April 20

Greenpeace is organizing a global mobilization in cities around the world –“from Buenos Aires to Bangkok and from Berlin to Bangalore”.  On April 20th, thousands of people will come together and display banners and iconic images that call on our leaders to end environmentally destructive activities like drilling for oil.  People will create human banners […]

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Scientists Discover Microorganism that Can Take CO2 Out of the Atmosphere

Researchers at the University of Georgia claim they have discovered a way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and make use of it, possibly even to create fuel.  Phys.org reports that “Their discovery may soon lead to the creation of biofuels made directly from the carbon dioxide in the air that is responsible for trapping the […]

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‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Sneaks Through Congress

Monsanto is quite possibly the most unabashedly evil and yet curiously invulnerable company on this planet.  Their ‘development’ work around the globe has worked only to make the company money while disenfranchising local peoples from their resources, land, and wealth, leading to what has been termed the “GM Genocide” in India.  AlJazeera reports, “300,000 Indian farmers […]

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Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes [Vegan]

These yummy breakfast bites are vegan, low sugar/fat and packed full of protein.  Mornings have never tasted so sweet! Ingredients: 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Organic Pancake and Waffle Mix 2 tbsp Flax seed saigon cinnamon 1 package Splenda sweetener (optional) 1 scoop vegan/vegetarian protein powder (chocolate tastes best) 1 cup water olive oil […]

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The Problem With Outdated “Rights”: 2 Teens in Georgia Shoot and Kill Infant

How and why do certain understandings of what is a human right come to gain authority? Who is authorized to declare what is and what is not a ‘right’, and whose voices are marginalized in the process? More specifically, how is it that in America it is considered an inalienable right to own a gun, […]

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Heliport Recycled into Super-Green Workspace in Mexico City

This super-green workspace in Mexico City is a perfect example of how we should be reusing existing industrial space in more environmentally friendly ways, instead of tearing it down and rebuilding.  This remarkable building was reworked from an old, unused heliport. Mexico City firms Rojkind Arquitectos and AGENT, with help from Coca-Cola, recycled the metal […]

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Canadians: Save Kevin Page, Our Federal Budget Watchdog

The following information is from a LeadNow campaign to stop the Harper government in their plans to push through yet another secretive and detrimental bill.  The Idle No More movement has been valiantly fighting the extremely detrimental legislation, Bills C-45 and C-48, and now we must all truly stand up against Harper’s violently neoliberal economic […]

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New Study: One Katrina-Like Storm Surge Every Other Year

Originally posted on The Green Word:
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), a storm surge is an “abnormal rise of water generated by a storm, over and above the predicted astronomical tide”. (See image below) Graphic representation of a storm surge. Image: chathamemergency.org In other words, the wind of a storm pushes…

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Oil-Rich Middle East is Investing in Solar

While North Americans are still fighting over the Keystone XL and investing in detrimental and unsustainable fracking and tar sands development, the oil rich countries in the Middle East and North Africa are turning their attention to renewables.  These states export oil and natural gas around the world, and are therefore trying to lessen their […]

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