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Green Space Increases City-Dwellers’ Wellbeing

As much as humanity tries to separate itself from “nature” –paving over city streets with concrete and erecting large, unnatural structures that block out natural elements and creatures– we can not escape the fact that we too are animals.  Humans are connected to every part of the natural world, and as such, we are nature-philic.  We […]

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Occupy Love

Originally posted on Wibble:
About the film – Occupy Love

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Angelina Speaks Out on Wartime Rape

Last Thursday at the London G8 Summit, Angelina Jolie spoke out about ending wartime rape and sexual violence, urging foreign leaders to hold offenders accountable.  Thankfully, the forum agreed to fund a $35.5 million initiative to improve prevention and response. “Hundreds of thousands of women and children have been sexually assaulted, tortured or forced into sexual […]

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Does selling off our resources make us an energy superpower?

David Suzuki discusses the dangers of basing our economy around unsustainable and destructive energy sources such as oil from the tar sands in Alberta in his article, “Does selling off our resources make us an energy superpower?”  Not only is infinite economic growth in a capitalist system ecologically impossible, but the increasing dependence on the […]

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The State of Our Oceans: Sharkwater (2006)/Revolution (2012)

In 2006, Canadian conservationist and film maker Rob Stewart released Sharkwater, a powerful documentary outlining the importance of sharks for both underwater and above-water ecosystems, and the many devastating human-related activities that are threatening their lives and environments.  Firstly, huge commercial fishing ships drag lines and nets across the ocean floor, catching everything in their path […]

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Portugal Generates a Record-Breaking 70% of Energy from Renewables

Since the start of 2013, Portugal has generated 70% of their energy from renewable sources –a new record for a European country!  Their investment in wind and solar energies, coupled with prime weather conditions, has allowed the country to satisfy nearly two thirds of its energy needs using clean sources.  In fact, Portugal generated so […]

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First Floating Village in Finland

The Marinetek Group and Sito are busy building the first floating village in Pori, Finland.  The floating homes are built to withstand extreme wind and wave conditions, as it could conceivably get choppy on the water.  The buildings will be energy efficient as well, equipped with heat recovery systems and solar panels, as the project […]

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James Hansen Quits NASA To Become Full-Time Climate Activist

James Hansen is an extremely well-known and well-respected NASA scientist who has never shied away from making his knowledge about our atmosphere public.  In 1988, he was the first to warn Congress about the threat of global warming.  He went to the NY Times with this story in 2006 when the Bush administration tried to silence […]

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Two Tar Sands Bitumen Spills in One Week

Originally posted on The Green Word:
As President Obama continues to ponder the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline (I’m sure it’s keeping him up at night!), this past week saw two significant spills of Alberta Tar Sands oil in the US. The first spill occurred on Wednesday, March 27th.   Fourteen cars (of a 94-car…

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Join The “I ♥ ARCTIC” Movement April 20

Greenpeace is organizing a global mobilization in cities around the world –“from Buenos Aires to Bangkok and from Berlin to Bangalore”.  On April 20th, thousands of people will come together and display banners and iconic images that call on our leaders to end environmentally destructive activities like drilling for oil.  People will create human banners […]

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