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Peruvian Billboard Turns Humidity into Drinking Water

The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru has invented an incredible new billboard that sucks humidity from the air and turns it into drinking water for local residents. Clean drinking water can be difficult to come by in Lima, as the city rests on a desert where it rarely rains, and many of […]

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Recycled Garbage Homes in Bolivia

In some of the poorest areas in Bolivia, one incredible woman, Ingrid Vasca Diez, has made it her mission to help in the best way she can. She has been collecting recyclable bottles, that were otherwise not going to be recycled, and using them to build large, sound and visually striking homes for the poor. […]

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Sweden’s Remarkable ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Program …and why Canada should be taking notes!

While most people would probably consider the United States the most wasteful of all the developed nations, you might be surprised to learn that Canada throws away more trash than the U.S.  “Canada generates more municipal waste per capita annually than any of its peer countries. Canada earns a “D” grade and ranks in last […]

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Urban Agriculture: Rooftop Gardens in Beijing

Urban agriculture is a growing, important trend in the development of more ‘sustainable cities’.  Currently, despite appearing as centres of progress and development, cities are some of the most vulnerable, insecure and unsustainable places in the world.  Cities rely immensely on flows of food, water, resources, and energy from outside, often far away places.  If […]

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Conserve like the Costa Ricans –Carbon Neutral by 2021

Costa Ricans know how to conserve.  Over half the country is covered by tropical forests, and these forests protect some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world.  Costa Rica was the first country in the Americas to ban recreational hunting, and it ranks 5th in the world (1st in the Americas) in terms […]

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Bicycle Culture in Copenhagen: An Example To All Cities

In the pursuit of sustainable cities, we have much to learn from the Danes.  The post-World War II development boom in North America was based around cheap oil and the automobile, so our cities today remain designed around an automobile economy.  Sustainable urban planning, however, needs to make alternative, low-impact transportation both easy and desirable.  […]

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Innovative Solar Systems in Rural Bangladesh

Clean energy access for everyone is not as unreachable or unreasonable as the oil companies would have us believe.  A perfect and extremely inspirational example comes from one of the poorest regions in the world: rural Bangladesh.  In rural communities, one thousand solar home systems are being installed per day with the help of the […]

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Energy Lessons from Germany

Comparing U.S. energy policies with Germany is bewildering.  While Germany is making every move possible towards carbon neutrality, the U.S. continues to invest all of its resources into the fossil fuel industry.  In the U.S., legal technicalities and tax laws discourage individuals from investing in clean energy, and 98% of U.S. renewable energy capacity is […]

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