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Peruvian Billboard Turns Humidity into Drinking Water

The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru has invented an incredible new billboard that sucks humidity from the air and turns it into drinking water for local residents. Clean drinking water can be difficult to come by in Lima, as the city rests on a desert where it rarely rains, and many of […]

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New “Super Supercapacitor” Could Revolutionize How We Use Electricity

This incredible new graphene ‘supercapacitor’ could completely revolutionize how we think about and use electricity.  In Ric Kaner’s attempt to find a more practical way of producing graphene, he ended up discovering an ingenious new way of powering the world.  Graphene is an organic material and is therefore bio-disposable, and has the potential to charge […]

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New ‘Smart’ Wind Turbines for Low Wind Areas

GE has designed a massive but brilliantly efficient new wind turbine that can be marketed to areas that aren’t terribly breezy.  The 2.5-megawatt turbine has a 120-meter rotor that is the size of the London Eye, and will increase efficiency by 25 percent and increase power output by 15 percent. Despite its size, GE reports that […]

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Sweden’s Remarkable ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Program …and why Canada should be taking notes!

While most people would probably consider the United States the most wasteful of all the developed nations, you might be surprised to learn that Canada throws away more trash than the U.S.  “Canada generates more municipal waste per capita annually than any of its peer countries. Canada earns a “D” grade and ranks in last […]

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Solar Power can be Cheaper than Coal?

Let’s face it, why are our governments (and the voters they answer to) continuing to push for dirty energy at a time when it is known that a 2ºC increase in global temperatures would drastically change the world as we know it?   Money.  Coal and fossil fuels have been the cheap energy source we’ve been […]

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