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Portugal Generates a Record-Breaking 70% of Energy from Renewables

Since the start of 2013, Portugal has generated 70% of their energy from renewable sources –a new record for a European country!  Their investment in wind and solar energies, coupled with prime weather conditions, has allowed the country to satisfy nearly two thirds of its energy needs using clean sources.  In fact, Portugal generated so […]

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First Floating Village in Finland

The Marinetek Group and Sito are busy building the first floating village in Pori, Finland.  The floating homes are built to withstand extreme wind and wave conditions, as it could conceivably get choppy on the water.  The buildings will be energy efficient as well, equipped with heat recovery systems and solar panels, as the project […]

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Heliport Recycled into Super-Green Workspace in Mexico City

This super-green workspace in Mexico City is a perfect example of how we should be reusing existing industrial space in more environmentally friendly ways, instead of tearing it down and rebuilding.  This remarkable building was reworked from an old, unused heliport. Mexico City firms Rojkind Arquitectos and AGENT, with help from Coca-Cola, recycled the metal […]

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Oil-Rich Middle East is Investing in Solar

While North Americans are still fighting over the Keystone XL and investing in detrimental and unsustainable fracking and tar sands development, the oil rich countries in the Middle East and North Africa are turning their attention to renewables.  These states export oil and natural gas around the world, and are therefore trying to lessen their […]

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Animal-Tested Cosmetics Banned In EU

In a praiseworthy and long overdue move, the EU has now issued a complete ban on all cosmetics developed through animal testing.  The 27 countries of the EU already had a ban in place for animal testing within the EU, but they have now extended the ban to reject any product that has been tested […]

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Mayor in California Orders Solar Power for All Homes

The mayor of the small desert town of Lancaster, California, is on a mission to brand his community the solar capital of California, and beyond that, as the solar energy capital of the world.  Lancaster soaks up an intense amount of desert sun rays, and Mayor R. Rex Parris has decided to ensure his citizens […]

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Viva Chavez — Revolutionary Leader Dead at 58

Hugo Chavez, the extremely charismatic populist leader of Venezuela, died yesterday March 5th at age 58.  Venezuelans are currently in a period of mourning, cancelling school for the week, but are expected to name his successor within 30 days. Chavez has been described as a “Rock Star” president, who rose to power to sweep away […]

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Peruvian Billboard Turns Humidity into Drinking Water

The University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru has invented an incredible new billboard that sucks humidity from the air and turns it into drinking water for local residents. Clean drinking water can be difficult to come by in Lima, as the city rests on a desert where it rarely rains, and many of […]

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China is on an Extraction Mission: Nuclear-Powered Polar Exploration and Ocean Floor Mining

As we continue our unbridled burning of fossil fuels, the Arctic ice continues to melt.  As it melts, new terrains for oil and mineral extraction are opening up, grabbing the attention of nations who border and have stakes in the Arctic (Canada, USA, Russia, China), as well as the attention of global civil society, NGOs […]

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New Bikes out of Old Cars

There are few things sadder than a junk yard full of broken down old cars.  They’re like rusty souvenirs of the failed (and continuously failing) American dream.  Not only did these poor machines unknowingly burn up our skies, but they weren’t made to last or have second lives. That’s why this  company’s project is so […]

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