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“This is What Love Looks Like”: Idle No More in Toronto

Today at 2pm by the fountain in the middle of Toronto’s iconic Eaton’s Centre, hundreds of people joined in a flash mob in support of the Idle No More movement and Chief Theresa Spence.  In a heartening and spirited display, First Nations representatives and Canadian citizens beat drums, sang songs, and circled the fountain together […]

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Gross National Happiness: Lessons from Bhutan

Something extraordinary is happening in Bhutan.  Instead of pursuing the inadequate economic indicator of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that dominates the majority of the world, the government and people of Bhutan are pursuing Gross National Happiness (GHP). Gross National Happiness, coined by Bhutan’s fourth Dragon King in 1972, is an attempt to define ‘development’ in […]

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Innovative Solar Systems in Rural Bangladesh

Clean energy access for everyone is not as unreachable or unreasonable as the oil companies would have us believe.  A perfect and extremely inspirational example comes from one of the poorest regions in the world: rural Bangladesh.  In rural communities, one thousand solar home systems are being installed per day with the help of the […]

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