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Hundreds of Baby Sea Lions Wash Ashore Mysteriously in California

Beginning in January, 2013, hundreds of malnourished, deyhdrated sea lion pups have been mysteriously washing ashore on the Californian coast.  In the last few months, 517 pups have been admitted to the five Southern California rescue centers, which is higher than the number has been for some entire years. These pups are extremely malnourished, weighing only […]

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Mayor in California Orders Solar Power for All Homes

The mayor of the small desert town of Lancaster, California, is on a mission to brand his community the solar capital of California, and beyond that, as the solar energy capital of the world.  Lancaster soaks up an intense amount of desert sun rays, and Mayor R. Rex Parris has decided to ensure his citizens […]

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UPS Sends Out New 100% Electric Trucks

UPS is making Green waves in California.  They’ve just released 100 brand new 100% electric trucks to make their delivery service more environmentally friendly. “These all-electric vehicles remind us that California continues to be a dynamic center of innovation,” said Governor Jerry Brown. “These trucks were built here, they’ll be driven here and they’re already […]

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Are Corporations People? A Clever Court Case in California

Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, California, has come up with a hysterical and ingenious way of exposing the contradictory logic in American law that gives corporations the same rights as people.  He has been driving in the carpool lane for 10 years now with a stack of corporation papers in the passenger seat hoping to […]

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