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Beer Brewers VS. Fracking in New York

New York is a state popularly known for their clean, tasty water –it’s that ‘special ingredient’ in their pizza dough that makes New York slices so renownd.  But it seems that this may soon come to an end, if the state’s Governor Cuomo brings fracking to New York.  The owner of the Brewery Ommegang in […]

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Half of All Global Food is Wasted

Up to half –yes, half—of all food in the world is wasted.   Between 30-50% of all food produced around the world never ends up in a human stomach.  Wasting food occurs at exaggerated levels in developed countries, due mainly to modern consumer culture.  Supermarkets often reject entire crops of perfectly edible food because they don’t […]

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Free Water, not Free Market (Americans Use 1,500 Bottles Per Second)

The ‘free market’ doesn’t guarantee access to water (or to anything, for that matter).  Arguments that the private sector can better manage and distribute resources become very controversial when we’re talking about something that is so fundamentally vital to human life.  A lack of government protection opens the door for private companies, like Nestle, to […]

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Hurricane Sandy and the Importance of ‘Blue Gold’

Hurricane Sandy killed over 100 people in the U.S.; over 40 in New York.  It devastated neighbourhoods in New York and New Jersey, shutting down the entire subway system for days.  At its peak, 8.5 million people were without power.  New York isn’t popularly considered a vulnerable target for tropical storms, but the increasing disruption […]

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