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Remember Your Roots: Yosemite HD and the Pale Blue Dot

In an increasingly marketized, built, and technological world, it is easy to think of ‘nature’ as being something ‘out there’; something we build society away from, constructing large structures and technologies that will shelter us from natural elements that ‘threaten’ comfortable human lives.  In fact, we can’t talk about environmental change that is not socio-environmental […]

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Love is Simple. (the ‘Sharing Economy’)

“When we start substituting sharing for buying, fascinating changes –disruptions, opportunities, and maybe even climate benefits– can follow.” –Scott Rosenberg As is fairly obvious, the capitalist economy is a system of growth.  The circuit of capital accumulation has to grow to keep turning.  When the system can no longer grow in one area, it has […]

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Let’s Not Be Idle Any More

Idle No More protesters are asking the Federal Court for a review of Omnibus Bills C-38 and C-45, passed by the Conservative government, that make detrimental changes to the Fisheries Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Act.  Bill C-45 spurred the Idle No More movement, since the obliteration of the Navigable Waters Protection Act removes […]

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