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James Hansen Quits NASA To Become Full-Time Climate Activist

James Hansen is an extremely well-known and well-respected NASA scientist who has never shied away from making his knowledge about our atmosphere public.  In 1988, he was the first to warn Congress about the threat of global warming.  He went to the NY Times with this story in 2006 when the Bush administration tried to silence […]

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Scientists Discover Microorganism that Can Take CO2 Out of the Atmosphere

Researchers at the University of Georgia claim they have discovered a way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and make use of it, possibly even to create fuel.  Phys.org reports that “Their discovery may soon lead to the creation of biofuels made directly from the carbon dioxide in the air that is responsible for trapping the […]

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Mimicking Fireflies to Make LED Lights More Efficient

Scientists have figured out how to make LED lights 55% more efficient by taking a closer look at the natural world.  In a time when energy efficiency is paramount to the survival of our ecosystems, what better teacher is there than nature? Both fireflies and lightbulbs have an external membrane around the light source that […]

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Whole Foods, Plant-Based Cures

We are told time and time again, from a number of different sources in our society: eat your protein, you need calcium for strong bones.  Unfortunately, protein has become synonymous with meat in Western thought and diets, and calcium has become synonymous with dairy.  This makes animal products ‘essential‘ in the minds of most North […]

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