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Sharing Wardrobes — Cutting Down on Consumptive Fashion

As outlined in  Love is Simple. (the ‘Sharing Economy’), our global capitalist system based on endless growth and consumption is quite literally turning all of our global resources into a monstrous municipal waste problem.  Those resources are being bought up at unequal rates around the world –by the rich, not the poor– and the waste generated […]

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New Bikes out of Old Cars

There are few things sadder than a junk yard full of broken down old cars.  They’re like rusty souvenirs of the failed (and continuously failing) American dream.  Not only did these poor machines unknowingly burn up our skies, but they weren’t made to last or have second lives. That’s why this  company’s project is so […]

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Recycled Garbage Homes in Bolivia

In some of the poorest areas in Bolivia, one incredible woman, Ingrid Vasca Diez, has made it her mission to help in the best way she can. She has been collecting recyclable bottles, that were otherwise not going to be recycled, and using them to build large, sound and visually striking homes for the poor. […]

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