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Water and Land are at Risk with Bill C-45, FIPA

The following discussion with Chief Allan Adam of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation is an illuminating and to the point explanation of what is at stake for all Canadians with Bill C-45 and the FIPA deal. The Idle No More movement, which has also been supported around the world, is actively trying to educate the […]

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‘Selling Nature to Save It’? The Story of Environmental Change

Everywhere we look today, we are inundated with facts about how the world is facing environmental catastrophe.  Climate change, rising sea levels, deforestation, desertification, drought; the statistics are staggering.  These troubling realizations have led to the creation of large international bodies: international organizations, environmental summits like Copenhagen and Rio+20, and a number of protocols and […]

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‘Idle No More’: Behind the Protest and Why Canadians Should Care

Stephen Harper and the Conservative government in Canada have long been under scrutiny for their tendency to pass legislation without prior and informed consent.  The omnibus budget Bill C-45 is one example, which expedites the sale of reserve lands without consultation and which removes federal protection of our waterways.  But beyond groaning and writing about […]

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