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We and every thing, animal, plant, object, energy, idea, business and capital are all connected.  There can be no road to a ‘better world’ that doesn’t address social, political, environmental and economic injustices simultaneously.  To think that any of the world’s problems happens in a vacuum, or isn’t directly related and part of broader overlapping problems is reductionism. This reductionism has made all of our efforts at ‘finding solutions’ band-aid jobs; small, disconnected work on different issues as if they are separate and solvable on their own.

Environmental conservation, poverty alleviation, civil rights issues, financial crises, climate change.… all of these are part of the same world system, and all of these stem from the same problem: our economic system.  To address one is to address them all.  We need to start at the top, with economics, and broaden our understandings of how every other part of life can be re-imagined and re-configured to fit in with a new, more just, and more humane world order.

This blog talks through some of these issues.  ‘Business as usual’ is put under a microscope, exposing the contradictions and troubling implications of accepting the current political-economic system as the norm.

In Fresh Foods, you’ll find some of the social, political, environmental and economic benefits of vegetarian or vegan choices.  As everything is connected, diet choices that are responsible and conscious of the impacts of the industrial agro-food system are part of the bigger picture.  You’ll also find a selection of recipes and some delicious vegetarian restaurants in Toronto.

Mindful Spirit shares some insightful, relatable, humbling, and important philosophies and teachings of Buddhism.  Ideas of fearlessness, selflessness, mindfulness and generosity are set against today’s increasing individualism, self-interest and greed.  The way we relate to one another and the way that we understand the value of things around us is, once again, part of our broader global situation.

Travel Routes shares some lessons that can be learned from destinations around the world.  Traveling to places outside of your comfort zone allows you to see and appreciate different ways of being and knowing.  Learning from others, cooperating, and staying open, we can work to disrupt the singular narrative of ‘progress’, ‘development’ and ‘capital’ that dominates the West and that we’ve tried to impose on ‘the rest’.


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