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New “Super Supercapacitor” Could Revolutionize How We Use Electricity

This incredible new graphene ‘supercapacitor’ could completely revolutionize how we think about and use electricity.  In Ric Kaner’s attempt to find a more practical way of producing graphene, he ended up discovering an ingenious new way of powering the world.  Graphene is an organic material and is therefore bio-disposable, and has the potential to charge […]

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UPS Sends Out New 100% Electric Trucks

UPS is making Green waves in California.  They’ve just released 100 brand new 100% electric trucks to make their delivery service more environmentally friendly. “These all-electric vehicles remind us that California continues to be a dynamic center of innovation,” said Governor Jerry Brown. “These trucks were built here, they’ll be driven here and they’re already […]

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Oregon to Tax Fuel-Efficient Vehicles?

In a ludicrously short-sighted move, Oregon officials have proposed a per-mile tax for hybrid and electric vehicles that don’t often fill up at the pump.  Since the government uses money collected from gas stations to fund road maintenance and repair, they are disinclined to offer incentives for a fuel-efficient and more sustainable auto industry. The […]

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