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The Joy of Life

The way we’ve chosen to organize society –basing social relations around the needs of the market– does not easily translate into a life well-lived.  Remember that the professional sphere, the economic system, the legal system, and our systems of values (including prejudices and negative judgements), are all socially constructed– we built them up, through competition […]

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Gross National Happiness: Lessons from Bhutan

Something extraordinary is happening in Bhutan.  Instead of pursuing the inadequate economic indicator of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that dominates the majority of the world, the government and people of Bhutan are pursuing Gross National Happiness (GHP). Gross National Happiness, coined by Bhutan’s fourth Dragon King in 1972, is an attempt to define ‘development’ in […]

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What if money didn’t matter?

If we don’t give capital its power, it won’t hold such extensive power over us all. What could life be like?

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Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra will engage and stir even the most skeptical mind.   Chopra tells the riveting story of a young prince’s tumultuous journey towards enlightenment.  Abandoning his palace, the prince becomes a wandering monk, facing his demons and attempting to conquer his body and mind.  The book  is exciting –ful […]

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