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Canadians: Save Kevin Page, Our Federal Budget Watchdog

The following information is from a LeadNow campaign to stop the Harper government in their plans to push through yet another secretive and detrimental bill.  The Idle No More movement has been valiantly fighting the extremely detrimental legislation, Bills C-45 and C-48, and now we must all truly stand up against Harper’s violently neoliberal economic […]

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Conserve like the Costa Ricans –Carbon Neutral by 2021

Costa Ricans know how to conserve.  Over half the country is covered by tropical forests, and these forests protect some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world.  Costa Rica was the first country in the Americas to ban recreational hunting, and it ranks 5th in the world (1st in the Americas) in terms […]

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Are Corporations People? A Clever Court Case in California

Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, California, has come up with a hysterical and ingenious way of exposing the contradictory logic in American law that gives corporations the same rights as people.  He has been driving in the carpool lane for 10 years now with a stack of corporation papers in the passenger seat hoping to […]

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Free Water, not Free Market (Americans Use 1,500 Bottles Per Second)

The ‘free market’ doesn’t guarantee access to water (or to anything, for that matter).  Arguments that the private sector can better manage and distribute resources become very controversial when we’re talking about something that is so fundamentally vital to human life.  A lack of government protection opens the door for private companies, like Nestle, to […]

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Oregon to Tax Fuel-Efficient Vehicles?

In a ludicrously short-sighted move, Oregon officials have proposed a per-mile tax for hybrid and electric vehicles that don’t often fill up at the pump.  Since the government uses money collected from gas stations to fund road maintenance and repair, they are disinclined to offer incentives for a fuel-efficient and more sustainable auto industry. The […]

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‘Idle No More’: Behind the Protest and Why Canadians Should Care

Stephen Harper and the Conservative government in Canada have long been under scrutiny for their tendency to pass legislation without prior and informed consent.  The omnibus budget Bill C-45 is one example, which expedites the sale of reserve lands without consultation and which removes federal protection of our waterways.  But beyond groaning and writing about […]

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