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Beer Brewers VS. Fracking in New York

New York is a state popularly known for their clean, tasty water –it’s that ‘special ingredient’ in their pizza dough that makes New York slices so renownd.  But it seems that this may soon come to an end, if the state’s Governor Cuomo brings fracking to New York.  The owner of the Brewery Ommegang in […]

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The Endgame of Capitalism

Carl Gibson, co-founder of US Uncut, penned this wonderful critique of our economy called ‘The Endgame of Capitalism”.  Here are a few passages: “he board game “Monopoly” was originally invented in the early 20th century to warn players of the dangers of free market capitalism. The original title was “The Landlord Game,” made to show […]

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“What we don’t want to know about chicken and fish”

Arguably, the most important reasons for choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle are environmental and social (see Fresh Foods), or health-related (see Whole Foods, Plant-Based Cures).  However, ‘what we don’t want to know’ about the harvesting of what many people consider the ‘not-really meats’, chicken and fish, is undeniably harrowing.  The following post by Sarah […]

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